iPECS eMG100

The revolutionary smart hybrid communications solution for small and midsize businesses.

· Built-in iPECS UCS

· Built-in iPECS ClickCall

· Embedded VoIP

· Embedded Voice Mail

· Embedded ACD

· Embedded SIP

· Embedded audio conference

· Embedded hotel features

· Mobile extension

· One number service

· Web call back

· ACD call statistics for multiple group

· ACD manager protocol

· SIP interface

· Emergency/Alarm call service

· Simplified directory search and dial

· Custom MOH support

· VM to E-Mail forwarding

· Web administration

· Web user portal

It’s time for unified communications (UC), the transformative tool that integrates all your business communications into one place. Here’s the cost competitive and simple platform for small and midsize businesses to help connect better, boost efficiency, and move your business to the next level.

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Τηλέφωνο: +30 2310 559222

Φαξ: +30 2310 5592223

e-mail: info@tsbservice.gr